Our Equipment

  • We have a 2006 model 6 tonne Isuzu NPR400 tipper with a professionally made twelve cubic metre mulch bin, an ideal vehicle for small and tight spots.

  • We have a 2001 Mitsubishi FZR 9 tonne tipper with a 16 cubic metre bin for those much bigger jobs.

  • We have a 2011 model Rayco 1220 12 inch 110 horsepower chipper. This chipper is very compact and can take very large branches at one time.

  • We also have a 2000 model brush bandit 90xp 9 inch chipper; this machine is full of grunt and good for getting into tight spacesOur 2005 model 1800D stump

  • We have a Rayco 1625 and a 1635 super junior stump machines for those big ugly stumps Our 2005 model 1800D stump humper is and ideal machine for most hard to get at spots and tight gates to the back yard.

  • We have all kinds of stihl chainsaws from the smallest (020) to the biggest (088) for those big barrels to cut up into firewood. We also have power pruners for those hard to reach branches near you’re roof or power lines.

  • And finally the owners have their own company cars they do their quoting in:
    Joey 2001 Mitsubishi triton 4x4
    Travis 1999 Toyota hilux 4x4
    Dave 2000 f100 long tray